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       Internet Marketing  



           Website Design 


                 Elite Solutions has designed and is hosting website for 

                 our clients in various business. Whether you’re a one-man 

                 shop or a large business, a website that accurately details 

                 what your business is all about is vital to your success for your                            business. Without an effective online presence for your business,                        many of your potential clients will not be able to find you. Your                            website is like a piece of virtual real estate you own and can grow 

                 in value over time.


           Scocial Media Marketing 


                 Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are the top popular names in 

                 the amazingly fast and rapidly expanding world of social 

                 media and networking. If you want to build up your company’s 

                 online reputation and promote your products and services, 

                 then you simply cannot shy away from social media marketing.

                 Social media enables your company to build customer base 

                 rapidly in ways that were impossible to achieve before. A well 

                 placed program will increase customer satisfaction, give you 

                 quick access to real-time feedback on your product or services                            issues, and drive down overall operating costs of your business. 

           Mobile Design and SEO 


                 The way people are using their cell phone is undergoing 

                 an historic change.  Recent survey showed average cell 

                 phone users spend 70% of their time talking on their 

                 devices.  But smart phone users such as iPhone and Android, 

                 spend only 45% of their time talking.  That means they’re 

                 spending 55% of their time using its other applications, 

                 including accessing the mobile web. Millions of customers 

                 now search the web for products and services on mobile 

                 devices, this trend will exponentially increase as Google 

                 and Apple are already betting the next market will be in 

                 the mobile market. 

                 Even in a local market, thousands of searches and purchases 

                 now take place on smartphones and mobile devices. Is your 

                 current website design ready to receive this massive traffic 

                 from your potential customers? If it isn’t, you are losing those                              customers to your competitors. So if you’re a wine shop owner

                 or any local business owner – you’ll want to make sure you 

                 have a presence on the mobile internet.  





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