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       Computer and Network Services




           New Office Construction 


                 Elite Solutions has designed and planned technolgy Solution

                 for many business. With proper planning and our expertise, 

                 you can avoid delays, and costly mistakes. 

                 Your New office will be filled with technology:  Computer

                 Hardware, Monitors, Phone systems, Internet and networking 

                 Equipments, cables, etc.  You need a company that is focus on

                 the design, budget, and installation of these technology. Having

                 Elite Solutions involved throughput your process we will make sure

                 that your office is outfit to be productive and nothing is overlook.

           Existing Office Improvement 


                 Perhaps your existing computer or network is unreliable, slow

                 or just old and in need of replacement. Or perhaps your computer

                 equipment is adequate, but your computer service provider does 

                 not offer the appropriate quality of professional service that is 

                 needed to keep your office running properly. In any case 

                 Elite Solutions can perform an improvement project which will 

                 alleviate your existing computer situation, and also offer 

                 ongoing Support & Maintenance services to your business. 


           Support and Maintenance 


                 Even the most reliabale computer and networks still require 

                 occasional Service and Maintenance. We offer onsite and 

                 remote support. In addition we offer proactive managed 

                 services which we maintain the health of your computer 

                 and software throughout the production lifecycle. 



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